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McAfee is an American software company that was created in Santa Clara California in 1987. It was one of the few antivirus companies in the world and it’s known to be one of the world’s largest and more reliable security companies in the world. Its McAfee Antivirus was one of the best solutions on the market. The interesting thing about the company is that they were purchased by Intel in 2011 along with McAfee Support Phone Number, and since then they have been a part of the Intel Security Division. McAfee has always tried to boost the security of home and enterprise customers alike. Their primary focus was on eliminating threats. But the company also used a variety of encryption technologies, which include a great public key infrastructure, file encryption as well as a firewall.

These product lines had their own success at first. But it was the McAfee Antivirus that managed to integrate all of these, mostly due to its massive success. It really got to blow these things out of the water at one point, which is basically what made the McAfee solutions so successful on McAfee Support Number. McAfee was purchased for $7,68 billion. It’ easy to see why that happened, because the McAfee Antivirus in particular is the type of solution you could find with most computers pre-installed. So the company did have a lot of deals in place with many manufacturers. It really is one of the best security solutions out there, that’s for sure!



McAfee Antivirus can have issues at times, so if you want to make sure that you avoid any problems, you have to use their support service. You can find the enterprise support team rather quickly and they will be able to help you without any type of problem. McAfee always offer some great tools and knowledge, not to mention the results they deliver are fast and really good too, so that’s always nice. The company also has a McAfee Support site set up too. This means even if you have issues with your computer, mobile solutions, account or billing or even identity theft problems, they will be here to help you at all times. It’s extremely important to know how and when to tackle these things, and the faster you do that the better things will be.

McAfee Support Phone Number

McAfee has an Assistant on the support pages, and you can use that assistant in case you want a more of an automatic solution to the problems you encounter. It works really well, and you definitely want to give it a shot! You can also contact support directly. You can choose the country and language, and then select the topic you are interested in. This includes technical assistance, refund and purchases, renewals, identity theft protection and so on. They can also help you remove or replace account information! McAfee also has McAfee Phone Number, so in case you want to do that you will be able to talk with a support representative directly. This will take a while, so you have to wait a little bit.

The account is locked and you can’t use it.

If this happens, you need to Get Support directly from the website. Then you have to click Go To Customer service and then connect with a professional there. Usually accounts are locked for a reason and you might need to call McAfee Support Phone Number. You may have to present the order number for the support professional, so try to take that into account if you can. It’s a really nifty and useful tool that you will enjoy using quite a bit.

Can’t remove the McAfee Antivirus.

If that seems to happen, we recommend you to uninstall the program and then use a free registry cleanup solution like CCleaner. Alternatively, you can also try to uninstall and then restart. It’s a simple solution but it works most of the time. The McAfee Antivirus in particular is designed with a focus on simplicity, and it will offer you all the necessary features and value you want in a simple package. It’s a good idea to keep into account in case there are issues with uninstalling the solution.

The license doesn’t work, says it’s duplicate.

There are 2 issues here. Either the McAfee Antivirus license is indeed a duplicate and someone else used it, or the licensing server doesn’t see your license as legit even if it is. The thing you have to do here is to make sure that you put that license where it belongs. If you don’t have the exact link, contact McAfee Support Number and get the right url where you need to put the license numbers. It’s a very important thing to consider and it will surely bring in front some unique features and opportunities. One thing to note about the McAfee Antivirus license here is that it’s indeed very easy to use and customizable as well.

I don’t know how to solve any of the issues I am facing with the McAfee Antivirus.

Yes, you can do that as the McAfee does come with its own unique support tools. Some of the best include the Virtual Technician which is super powerful and easy to use. You can download and run that tool on the spot. McAfee has also created a deployable version of it that you can get at is another good tool and you can also access the profiler! Overall, McAfee do have plenty of self diagnosis and high quality tools for you to use, which is a very good thing!

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